Demos and resources

This page gives links to online language learning courses built using CALL-SLT Lite, a platform that has been under development at Geneva University since 2014. You can find documentation for the platform here.



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English dialogue course

A substantial course, constructed by Claudia Baur in connection with her PhD thesis, which allows Swiss German students in their second or third year of English to practice communication skills and fluency in the context of eight interactive multimodal dialogues. The course was eventually tested on more than 200 students in 15 different school classes. Data collected from these experiments was used to define the Spoken CALL Shared Task co-organised by Geneva University, the University of Birmingham, and Radboud University.

Version with improved grammar by Mengiie Qian (details here)

Original version of the course

Video of young student using the course

More English courses

A course, constructed by Aline Jolidon in connection with her Masters thesis, which uses minimal pairs to help francophone students practice difficult English sounds.

Minimal pairs course

A course, constructed by Christopher Petrovic in connection with his Masters thesis, which lets francophone students practice English pronunciation.

English pronunciation practice

French courses used at University of Bologna

Two courses, constructed by Cristiana Cervini and Pierrette Bouillon, which let Italian students at the University of Bologna practice French grammar and vocabulary.

Se presenter


More French courses

A course, constructed by Pierrette Bouillon, which lets students practice French grammar and vocabulary in a restaurant domain.

French restaurant course

A version of Tex's French Grammar, a popular online course from the University of Texas at Austin, adapted into interactive spoken form by Cathy Chua

Adaptation of University of Texas French course

A simple course, constructed by Manny Rayner, in which the student practices mental arithmetic in spoken French.

French spoken arithmetic exercises

Interactive poetry in Italian

Interactive versions of Italian poems, constructed by Sabina Sestigiani, Manny Rayner and Irene Strasly. More information about this material can be found here.

Six extracts from the Inferno, totalling 315 lines.

One poem by Eugenio Montale (1896-1981), 11 lines.

One poem by Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), 10 lines.

Two poems by Antonia Pozzi (1912-1938), totalling 47 lines.

Three poems by Salvatore Quasimodo (1901-1968), totalling 26 lines.

One poem by Umberto Saba (1883-1957), 25 lines.

Four poems by Irene Strasly (1988- ), totalling 42 lines.

Ten poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970), totalling 105 lines.

Elementary Italian exercises

Exercises for first year students of Italian, constructed by Sabina Sestigiani and Manny Rayner. These courses are currently being used at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.




Tempo libero

Un fine settimana

La scorsa estate

Gli articoli determinativi

Ordinare al bar




Tourist Slovenian

A crash course in tourist Slovenian, constructed for the LREC 2016 conference by Manny Rayner and a Slovenian native speaker.

Slovenian 101

Simple Mandarin

Examples of basic lessons in Mandarin, constructed by Shenshen Cai at Swinburne University, Melbourne.




Toy courses from online documentation

Courses used in the online CALL-SLT Lite documentation.

'Visual' course

'Visual 2' course

'Visual 3' course

English for chess players

Five interactive lessons for chess players who want to learn basic English chess vocabulary. Course constructed by Manny Rayner.

Letters and numbers

Pieces and colours

Famous players

Chess openings

Practice chess notation with Paul Morphy


It is easy to construct simple CALL games using the platform. Here are some representative examples.

German tongue twister game (Matthias Butterweck)

German rebus game (Matthian Butterweck)

Famous German people (Matthias Butterweck)

Emphatic particles game (Sheila Oz)

Pokémon game in English (Manny Rayner and Jenkyn Keigwin)

Pokémon game in French (Manny Rayner and Jenkyn Keigwin)